Q: Will WMB play my wedding and will you travel? 

A: Yes! WMB plays many weddings and private parties, and we are available to travel.

Q: What type of set up do you need to play my event? 

A: WMB requires electrical access and a flat surface to set up. If an outdoor event, we require a stage or platform, as setting up on the ground will not work for our gear.  A covered performance area is preferred.

Q:  Do you provide your own sound system? Can we use your microphones/speakers for our own announcements and speeches? 

A: Yes, we will provide the sound system and you are welcome to use our equipment for your announcements. If we are asked to play a festival or other large event, the sound system is usually provided for us.  

Q: Do you have a song list and will you learn a special song for my event? 

A: Yes, please see our song list on our website! While we do more that are listed here, we will consider learning a special song if time allows. We want your event to be memorable!